halloween food for kids

Brilliant Halloween party food ideas for kids

halloween party food for kids

If you are hosting a Halloween themed party for your child and their friends or your family, you might be wondering what Halloween party food ideas for kids you can serve to all their guests. You don’t want to buy generic Halloween party food that any child would eat; you want to be more special and unique! These Halloween themed-party foods will make a memorable party and be tasty and fun too! Get creative and do your own Halloween food ideas for kids! 

1/ Bat sugar cookies 

Approach this task just as if you are making Christmas cookies. The process is easy enough for children to take part in. All that’s needed are black frosting tubes and orange ones for their eyes, mini chocolate chips or raisins for the wings, black jelly beans for fangs, and yellow M&Ms or gumdrops cut into triangles with one point for the nose. (Gummy worms would also make excellent mummies, or Halloween themed party food could serve sliced gummy worms on skewers)


2/  Vegetable spiders

Cucumbers with peanut butter – Slice cucumbers into disks about quarter-inch thick. Spread them out on a plate and put a little dollop of peanut butter or cream cheese in the center. Add raisins or chocolate chips, placed upside down to make the legs 


3/  Mummy sausage rolls

Wrap sausages in ready-made pastry with the top part peeking out!

halloween food for kids

4/ Witch’s hat cookies

Cookie mix makes them super easy – just ice with ready made icing! You can also do these as pumpkins and ghosts.


5/ Frankenstein’s monster sandwiches 

Toast slices of bread with cheese cut into triangles or use pre-made cheese shapes. Use ketchup or mayonnaise (or both) for the “blood”!


6/ Pumpkin ‘spew’ hummus and chips! 

Place a carved pumpkin surrounded by nacho chips and spoon hummus so that it is coming out of the pumpkin’s mouth!

party food for kids

7/ Spooky fruit plate

Peel satsumas and place a half free grape on the top for the pumpkin top; make banana mummy’s with half banana’s and put chocolate chip for the eyes; dip strawberries in white chocolate so they look like ghosts and use chocolate chips for eyes.


8/ Monster burgers

Create monster burgers with onion slices for teeth, cucumber slices with olives for eyes and  then have broomstick cheese sticks with stringy cheese on a breadstick to go with them.


9/ Ghost milk

Use small glass bottles, decorate with ghost eyes and mouth and then half fill with milk – the easiest Halloween drink ever! 

halloween fruit plate
halloween drinks for kids
halloween cookies
monster burgers for halloween

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