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Welcome to the Dino Club members page.

On this page you will find links to the all the badge challenges and task instructions. As well as information and resources to support your Dino Club pack and additional, bonus activities, resources and video.

If you need any information or help with any part of Dino Club then message us here 

dinosaurs for kids

How to use your Dino Club resource ...

Dino Club is made up of a series of Dinosaur themed activities which are fun and educational and can be completed flexibly, according to your individual child, their age and ability.

The activities are grouped into the three main historical periods where Dinosaur lived – 

  1. Triassic
  2. Jurassic
  3. Cretaceous

Each section has 4 activities for which we have provided resources for and information to enable you to easily run the activity with your child; have fun and learn together.

Once your child has completed the 4 activities for each period section they can be awarded an achievement sticker which they can put on their Dino Club certificate. 

In your resource pack you have printed resources for the activities which require printed resources. Some of the activities can be done without resources or you can access digital resources to help the activity if you wish.

Access the activity brief for each section below. Each section has a page with 4 activity briefs and links to accompanying resources and videos that can also be used to enhance the fun and learning. 

Dino Club anthems

Your child will love learning the Dino Club songs and dances….access these below…

In the Dino Hunters song, Ranger Ron will teach you all about what Dinosaurs to hunt for and as you sing along you will spot Dinosaurs along the way! 

The Dino rap is a fun dinosaur theme song that teaches kids about rhymes and dinosaurs!