Dinosaur Adventure Challenge kids event manchester


Looking for a fun-filled hands-on FAMILY ACTIVITY of prehistoric proportions? The Dino Disco event is ROARING good fun for kids and adults together! It’s a stomping good mix of dinosaur themed storytelling, puppets, games, challenges and of course Dino dancing!

Learn to ‘walk the dinosaur’ with the very last of the Disco dancing Dinosaur Species; our very own Jurassic pal GrrRRRrrRrreg, the friendly T-Rex.

These interactive events are designed to capture the imagination of youngsters aged 3-8 years, get them active, immersed and enjoying time together with their grown ups!

The Dino Disco Adventure Challenge can come to your attraction, venue or event and is guaranteed to get children having a STOMPING good time!

What happens at the Dinosaur Adventure Challenge event?

Children will learn to be Dino hunters, discovering the last of the special species of Disco Dancing T-Rex Dinosaur. Once they discover Gregggg the last and best of the Disco Dancing Dinosaurs they can take part in games and challenges with him and their Dinosaur hunter hosts Ron and Don. They can take part in the Dino Egg and spoon relay, play Dino top trumps and hoop the Dinosaur. They can also show Gregg their best stomping dance moves. They will learn and perform Greggs Dino anthem; full of storytelling, active fun, games and dino themed challenges, music and dancing, this is a great family event.

Please note – this event is suitable for younger children as there are no life like dinosaur models used at the event. It is fun, imaginative and make believe meaning it is good for children from 2-8 years.

We would love to bring the Dinosaur Adventure Challenge to your venue, attraction, event or family fun day. To talk to us about that contact us here. or using the details below:

T. 01925 756700

E. helen@wonderadventures.co.uk