dinosaur activities for schools

Welcome to Ranger Ron’s Dino Club FREE resource page!

On this page you will find a range of activities, videos and ideas for learning that you can do with your Early Years classes; learning together about Dinosaurs and ancient history. But also covering learning outcomes in literacy, maths, speaking and communication, movement and art!

We hope you enjoy and find these activities useful. If you want more ready made activities and for your children to earn Dino Club badges for their activity achievements, then check out the Dion Club resource pack. A complete set of printed resources, stickers, activities and online digital hub with videos and activities….

Find out more about Dino Club resource pack here

Dino Quiz Challenge

Ranger Ron has 6 Dinosaur fact videos which you can watch below.

Access and download the quiz sheet and children can watch the videos and then complete the quiz answer sheet and include their favourite fact from the video too. 

Go to the Dino quiz here

Learn the Dino Ranger skills routine here….

Ranger Ron will teach you the three key skills you need to be a dino hunter and teach you the dino training routine to help you remember your skills…

Learn the Dino Ranger training routine here

Go dino hunting with Ranger Ron…

Watch the Dino Hunters song here…

See which dinosaurs you can spot, learn the song and go Dino hunting…

Dino Dimensions maths game

See if you can solve Ranger Ron’s dino dimensions game. Learn about size and scale of Dinosaurs here

diplodocus bones puzzle for schools

Access a fantastic Dinosaur bones puzzle here which you can print and cut out for your children to put together.

Access your Diplodocus puzzle here 

Access an alternative black and white puzzle to print here 

Watch one of Ranger Ron’s Dino Toy Stories here…

After watching his story, why not create your own Dino toy story. Either with your own Dino toys or on paper; make up a story about your favourite group of Dino’s. Use the following prompts to help – 

Which Dinosaurs feature in your story?

Where are they?

What are they trying to do in the story? 

What problem or issue do they come across?

How do they solve this? 

For more Dinosaur themed learning resources…

printed resource pack, badges, certificates for children and digital activity learning hub go here…

Dino Ranger Treasure hunt

Fantastic, fun, learning game to do in the classroom, at school events, for special activity days or as a PE activity.

Find out more here …