Dinosaur fun and learning for kids

dino club for kids

Get FREE Dinosaur activities for ROARsome fun and learning…

Complete the dinosaur activities, join in with Ranger Ron’s dinosaur adventures and activity videos and earn badges.

Great for schools, early years, kids groups and dinosaur loving kids!

dinosaur resource pack for kids

Fun, learning dinosaur activities for kids

Split into the three main periods of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous; resources are provided to enable children to do engaging activities that not only teach them about Dinosaurs, science and history, but also support them in maths, literacy, speech and communication, memory and problem solving skills. 

The resources and activities provided are supported by videos, presented by character and Dinosaur expert Ranger Ron.

Activities and resources can be adapted to suit ages, abilities and group size.

Who is Dino Club for?

Schools; nursery, reception, year 1 and year 2.

The Dino Club resource pack is so easy for teachers to use and gives you a whole load of ready made Dinosaur themed resources and can also be integrated into other lessons used as starter activities, cover lessons, golden time.

The activities can be adapted to different group sizes, ages and abilities.

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school workshops

Nurseries and Pre-schools.

Great resource for different size groups. Can be run as part of a series of Dinosaur activities or as standalone activities or as part of creative, active and literacy activities.

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preschool children

Kids groups, Cubs and Brownies.

The activities in Dino Club are perfect for scouting groups; they can easily allow for earning of scouting badges and the addition of Dino Club sticker badges and certificates makes a great take home display of achievement. Ready to use activities makes it an easy resource for leaders with minimum preparation required.

Get free Dino Club activities for groups here 


A fantastic homeschooling resource; can be used as part of studies relating to science, history, art, maths and literacy. Ready made activities, resources and videos to interact with. 

Certificates and stickers are great as record of achievements.

Can use the interactive badge tracker to unlock congratulations from Ranger Ron as well as additional bonus activities.

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dinosaur activities at home

Kids who love dinosaurs!

If you have a kid who loves dinosaurs then they will be thrilled with the Dino Club pack of fun. They will love delving into the Dino activities, games and learning. 

Great as a birthday present, holiday activity or home learning.

Get Dino Club activities for an individual child here

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Get your brand into schools and nurseries with Dino Club!!!

Sponsor this resource full of ROARing, educational activities for early years…..

Offer something of value for schools and nurseries…

Provide teachers with a resource which is engaging, fun and has clear learning outcomes…

Dino Club is a resource which has such impact with the child that they want to take their certificate and badges home to show their family and proudly display their achievements.

Printed materials and digital content, games and videos; all of which can include your branding and sponsorship.

If you are a brand who wants to get into schools or if you have a community social responsibility initiative to support schools in your area then this is a ready-made product that will be welcomed by teachers and kids!!

dinosaur activities for schools

kids event feedback

“Tadhg had a wonderful time again. He really loves Dino hunting with Ranger Ron! Such an excellent idea for kids. Thank you again!” 

“I think you all do an amazing job, Ranger Ron has incredible knowledge and energy! And everyone who works behind the scenes are brilliant helpful and very quick! I’ve recommended Wonder Adventures to lots of my friends. Thank you for all your hard work”

“The children love the varied activities, they learn so much and have fun doing them, and always ask for Ranger Ron’s training routine video!”

kids dinosaur fun

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