Elf Adventure Treasure Hunt Resource for schools and nurseries

Are you looking for a brilliant Christmas themed resource for your group of children?

A resource that engages, delights and captivates them, whilst developing problem solving, teamworking and co-operation skills?

 If you are holding a class Christmas party or would like an affordable, fun, Christmas themed resource to use with your classes in December then the Elf Adventure Treasure Hunt is the ideal solution. Easy to set up and run and maximum engagement and fun, your children will be singing The Elf March all the way to Christmas!!

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The Elf Adventure Treasure Hunt is an Amazing Christmas party activity game hosted by Tiny the Elf ……

It includes video clues in the form of riddles delivered by Tiny the Elf.  

The children solve the riddles and then find the corresponding printed treasure point picture.

They collect a piece of puzzle and work in teams to collate the end puzzle picture.

As well as working together to solve the riddles, find the clues and put together their puzzle; children will learn key skills to be an Elf and the Elf March anthem!

Upon successful completion the children are awarded their completion certificates to take home with them.


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Including comprehensive set up instructions, video clues, printable treasure points and printable certificates for the children to be awarded, it is a complete resource, ready to be printed, set up and run the fun!

See this testimonial from early years teacher on how they used their treasure hunt:

(all our treasure hunt resources follow the same format and this testimonial describes the Space themed one)

“We recently used the Intergalactic space adventure with a group of year one and two children which they thoroughly enjoyed! 

We had been commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the first moon landing and using the treasure hunt was a lovely way to complete the topic. 

The children were split into teams of seven and we used the hall as our ‘mission control’.  Seeing the clues delivered on the large screen made the whole experience more engaging. We paused after each clue and a member of each team went off to find the jigsaw piece. In hiding the clues in different areas within the school building and outside created more excitement and suspense as to who would find them first. 

Each team had to decide who would leave mission control to find the clue and retrieve each puzzle piece. The children had to show co-operation and teamwork in deciding the order in which they worked as well as supporting one another and ultimately, completing the puzzle before the other teams. 

We would definitely use the treasure hunt packs again as it was a very enjoyable activity for the children.”


Cost details and practicalities 

£14.99 to include all resource elements, how to’s, videos, printables and commercial license for one school / institution to use for a period of 1 Christmas season.

This allows the resource to be used multiple times.

This product will entertain a group of children, from 1 child to 40 children. In the set up instructions we recommend they are split into teams. However with a small group they can work individually.

You will need the internet and a connected device in order to use the video aspect of the product. This can be done either on a big screen, interactive whiteboard or Smart TV or each group can use their own device, such as tablet or smart phone. Each team can watch the clues at the same time in this instance.

Please note to use this license you must be a school, charity or educational institution.