halloween party games for kids
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18 of the best Halloween Party games for Kids

halloween party games for kids

Hosting the neighbours kids for Halloween?

Got a classroom of kids to entertain for Halloween?

Organising a kids Halloween Party?

Look no further as we have a comprehensive list of the best Halloween party games and fun Halloween activities for kids….

1/ A Hocus Pocus Treasure hunt or indoor scavenger hunt…

You can simply hide items around the house and give children clues to find the items or for a ready- made Wizard themed Treasure Hunt use the Hocus Pocus Interactive Treasure hunt – everything is ready to be downloaded and printed and the addition of wizard videos delivering riddles, clues and fun Wizarding activities for children not only keeps them busy and excited for 40 minutes but gives you maximum mum brownie points for very little effort!


2/ Toilet paper Mummy Halloween Game

Divide the children into teams, give each team a roll of toilet paper and some tape. One member of the team chooses to be the mummy and the rest of the team have to wrap them up. Give the teams a time limit and for added challenge ask the mummies to position themselves in the most creative position and judge the best mummy at the end of the time limit!

halloween mummy wrap game

3/ Frankenstein Bowling

Wrap up some different size tube sin toilet roll, lay them out as bowls and each person lines up and bowls 3 balls. Count the number of pins each person gets down and add these together for their team.

frankenstein bowling halloween game

4/ Frankenstein tin cans

A variation on the above, paint tin cans and stack them for the bowling game. You can even involve the children in the painting and preparations!

frankinstein cans halloween game


5/ Poke a pumpkin

Stick some small orange cups on a large piece of cardboard. Fill each cup with a treat (or put tricks in some is you want to give added challenge!) Cover each cup in orange tissue paper. Stick numbers on each one. Each child chooses a number, pokes the paper and either wins the treat or does the trick hidden inside!

poke a pumpkin halloween game

6/ Apple bobbing

A classic game – the best party games are classics! Easy to set up and everyone loves it!

apple bobbing halloween game

apple bobbing halloween game

7/ Trick and Treats

Give each child a bag of sweets with their name on.  This game can last throughout the party or can last for a set time limit.  The object of the game is to catch people saying any of the following words (or wors that you decide on)

  • Halloween
  • Sweets
  • Ghost
  • Pumpkin
  • Monster
  • Witch

It works well to write words in large and display them around the party space.  If you catch a person saying one of the words they have to give you one of the sweets from their bag,

The person who has the most sweets at the end wins a prize. And the best part is everyone gets to keep their sweets at the end!!

NB: This games is a challenge with younger children as giving away their sweets is not something they are easily persuaded to do!! So best to do with older children!

8/  Halloween trick or treat surprise

Beforehand cut strips of paper, twice as many strips as there are children. On half of the strips write ‘treat’ and on the other half write ‘trick’ and include tricks such as ‘hop on one foot’, ‘pat your head and rub your belly’, ‘sing a song’, ‘act like a dog for 5 minutes’ etc.

Put all the strips in a Halloween bag. Have the children make a circle, walk around the circle. Each player draws out a strip of paper and performs the trick or receives the treat (doesn’t have to be sweets, can be a sticker or a badge or small toy). You can make sure everyone receives a treat as you will have enough treat strips for all children.

9/ Surprise Pumpkin Goop-scoop!

 Carve out the insides of a pumpkin, but leave the pumpkin seeds and goop inside the pumpkin.

Blindfold one child at a time and have them reach in and scoop out a handful of seeds. They put their handful of seeds into  a paper cup with their name on.

After all children have had a turn each one counts out their seeds and whoevere has the most wins a prize.

NB: if you have a lot of children you might want to have multiple pumpkins or their might not be many seeds left by the time it gets to the last child!

pumpkin scooping halloween game

10/ Halloween Ghost story circle

Sit in a circle and start a ghost story. Give the first few lines and each person in the circle adds on a few sentences to give the story scary twists and turns!! You can spice up the game by giving each child a prop that they have to incorporate into their bit of the story.

11/ Halloween dress up chocolate game

halloween chocolate game

This is a Halloween version the Chocolate glove game! Put a bar of chocolate in the centre of the circle, with a knife, fork and a pile of Halloween dress up items – we suggest a cloak, hat, scarf, mask and wizard gloves. Have a dice going around the players of the circle. Each player rolls the dice. If they roll a six they get to go up to the centre of the circle, they have to put all the items on and then can eat as much of the chocolate that they can with the knife and fork before the next person rolls a 6. If the next person rolls a 6 before they have put all the items on they cannot start eating the chocolate!

If you have a big group you could have 2 dice going around!  The game finishes when all the chocolate is gone!

12/ Draw a pumpkin face game

Draw a large pumpkin face shape for each player. Give each artist/player an orange crayon and a blindfold. Instruct each person to draw a jack-o-lantern face on the pumpkin. Take the blindfolds off and enjoy the creations.

13/ Halloween Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Purchase plastic skeletons and disassemble them. Hide the bones before the game starts. Have kids search for them and then reassemble the skeleton. For older kids, you can hide the bones and then write out clues for them to follow. You can also get a few skeletons and break the kids into teams.

For a ready- made wizard themed scavenger hunt go here

14/ Who is the ghost?

One child leaves the room and one child in the room puts a sheet over their head. The child who comes back in the room tries to guess who the ghost is.

15/ Pin the……

There are many variations to this old school classic party game…..

Pin the Wooooh on the ghost

Pin the Wart on the Witch

Pin the Nose on the pumpkin

Whatever variation of this you want…..

pin the ghost halloween game kids

pin the ghost halloween game kids

16/   Halloween Costume relay

  • Divide players into equal teams.
  • For each team have a box containing a complete costume, each costume should have the same number of pieces (4 or 5 is fun – Shirt pants, shoes, wig or mask, etc.).
  • In turn each player must put on the costume and run to a certain point where they take the costumes off and put them back in the box.
  • They run back to start where the next player repeats the process until one team finishes and wins.

17/ Make slime

What kid doesn’t love slime?? Especially at Halloween! For an easy tutorial on how to make Harry Potter inspired slime see the tutorial here…..

18/ How Many Halloween sweets.. 

Fill a large glass jar with sweets. As guests arrive, invite them to guess the number of candies in the jar, and write down each guess. As the party winds to a close, have the children help to count out the number of sweets in the jar. Whoever guessed the number correctly (or came the closest) wins the jar!

Happy Halloween…..

To get an easy, ready made, super fun Wizard themed treasure hunt go here

halloween party games for kids


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