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Entertainment, content & learning for kids
play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning...
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Whether you have a kid who
loves Dinosaurs, Space or Christmas
we have imaginative activities,
online clubs and characters to
delight your child and capture
their imagination!

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Schools & kids groups

If you are a teacher, a scout or
guiding leader or run summer schools
or family services then we can provide
both live and digital solutions,
resources and imaginative
learning experiences!

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Event solutions

Creative solutions for commercial venues, retail outlets, BID teams and events. Interactive treasure trails, live events, digital experiences and marketing; we can help increase footfall, attract audiences and entertain family customers.

Imaginative fun for kids.....

Whether you are a parent of a Dinosaur loving child, looking for magical Christmas fun for your kids, school or kids groups looking for fun and learning or a commercial organisation who want to engage more families….the Wonder Adventures team have imaginative content solutions for you! 

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treasure hunt activity packs for kids

Have you seen our brilliant range of interactive treasure hunts for your child to do at home?

Interactive, fun, educational; ready made activity with character videos, printables, music, activity and full set up instructions….

Dinosaurs, superheroes, wizard or astronauts…choose the theme your child would love best and download today…

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halloween food for kids

Brilliant Halloween party food ideas for kids

If you are hosting a Halloween themed party for your child and their friends or your family, you might be wondering what Halloween party food ideas for kids you can serve to all their guests. You don’t want to buy generic Halloween party food that any child would eat; you want to be more special and unique! These Halloween themed-party foods will make a memorable party and be tasty and fun too! Get creative and do your own Halloween food ideas for kids!

halloween ideas non scary

How to do non-scary Halloween fun for anxious kids…

Halloween is a popular holiday nowadays but what do you do if you kid hates scary stuff, is easily anxious, gets freaked out by his own eye balls and can’t cope with anything remotely spooky?
It can be a challenge if you want to do something fun as a family at Halloween, join in with school or with friends or do dress up…
As Halloween was originally a pagan festival, it’s roots are not in scary things (you know like the ‘evil’ version of Halloween) but rather based on fertility, ritual and fallow ground. So how can you get involved with Halloween without scaring your kid? Here are some ideas:

Halloween dressing up

Fun Halloween Games for Kids at Home

Whether you are hosting a small Halloween party for your own children or able to invite friends and neighbours over this year, we’ve rounded up some of the best ideas of but we still Halloween fun and games with the kids and make memories! So check out these fun creative ways to bring fun to your kids and home this Halloween. Guaranteed to keep them chilled and thrilled with excitement!


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